So Glad I Did It!

We all have dreams. We all have those days where everything seems impossible. However, (luckily) 2019 is the best year in my whole journey so far. I guess the 16-year-old me wouldn’t thought I’d be brave enough to fly to Ireland by myself, but hey I did it and I’m so proud of myself as I always wanted to come and see it for so long (fyi, since I was still in junior high school).

Sometimes leaving your comfort zone is uncomfortable because you have to deal with different situations you’re not familiar with. However, eventually, you will only feel it for a few moments. You will understand that you are capable of doing new things that will give you happiness 🙂 And traveling to Ireland sure fills me with happiness ❤

I’ve planned to visit Ireland for the last two years. Not only I had to save up, but also I had to have enough courage to do that as Ireland is 7.526 miles away from Indonesia. “How I handle an anxiety flare up”, that’s what I always asked to myself before knowing that actually there’s nothing to worry about ❤ Yes, I managed to visit Ireland this summer in August all by myself (although I ended up spending a few days with my favorite person there) 😀

I enjoyed every second of it. “This is what I want,” I kept saying that to myself. I still can’t describe how happy I was there and I hope that one day I will come back. Cause… Ireland, you have my heart ❤

IMG_189 copy

IMG_2278888 copy

IMG_177 copy

IMG_17 copy

Self-confidence is the key ❤ Being independent, trusting my own decisions, and believing in myself. You can do it too 🙂 ❤

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